Tools For Self Reliance
See bottom of page for news of our Thirty Three and a Third Birthday  
Meanwhile a short history of those years for TFSR Cymru:
We started with a Party . . .
1996 – we had just bought our new home. Plenty of work ahead.


Previously we had spent 12 years in Crickhowell High School

1984 and some of had had more hair then. Meeting in the high school workshops on Thursday evenings. Sadly quite a few of those in the picture are no longer with us.

Some years later

We sent our kits through TFSR at Netley Marsh. Building up our relationship with SIDO in Tanzania. Now we send tools and sewing machines in containers.

Building Partnerships

lkulwa B group who are now making some of our Fair Trade tools. These days they have a smart new shelter, much better working tools, and have been trained in metal finishing.
Trustee Sue Grey seen here with prize-winning blacksmith Joseph Mashinji in 2004
Our new joint TOOLS workshop opens in Mwanza
2005. Eric and Sara with Damian Changa, regional manager of SIDO Mwanza, and technical officer Deo Nkwabi. Workshop staff Vivianna and Saidi were our first employees in Tanzania.
Our latest Project in Lake Zone – supporting Rural Clusters

Charles Iganja with Thomas Mgasa (centre) and Paul Mashimba our project advisor. Thomas is so happy with his new plough plane and the rest of his new tool kit.  He is a carpenter in Kiabakari, one of two villages in our “Rural Clusters Project” in Lake Zone Tanzania which is part-funded by the Welsh Government via HUB Cymru Africa.

Under this project, all artisan groups in these villages are provided with tools and training, and given full support for a minimum of two years.  Thomas’ wife has just given birth to their third child, so his increased earnings will be very welcome.



On Saturday 15th July
we are celebrating
Thirty Three and a Third Years

of working in Crickhowell
and helping improve other’s lives
both here and abroad.
Our workshop will be open to all
from 10 am to 1 pm

We will be there to show you how we fill a container with 18 tonnes
of tools and sewing machines, and to serve you with tea and buns.
There will also be a massive sale of tools that are not asked for in Africa.
There may just be what you are looking for.

Come along and support our work in Tanzania – see you there

If you can’t make it – or even if you can, why not give us a Birthday Present?
Send us a donation to support our work in Tanzania

More news soon