TUMAINI (EXPECTATION) TAILORING GROUP  –  News brought back by Bina and Terry Richter, following their recent visit to Pangani

The group started in 2008 with 3 skilled tailors and 6 trainees. At that time we had 2 sewing machines until 29/6/12 when we received 5 machines from TFSR-Cymru via Sido Tanga office.

ACHIEVEMENTS                                                 TUMAINI

  1. Our work has improved by 80%
  2. The income to our families have increased
  3. We have taught 11 trainees
  4. We have provided school uniforms to Orphans.
  5. We have more people interested in joining us


  • Sido – Tanga, for providing training on how to repair sewing machines.
  • TFSR- Cymru for making things happen.

Good luck to you all – we will be happy to provide more machines for your trainees