Send us an Easter Egg to help us ship our next container?
In these difficult financial times we are struggling to raise the money to send our next container to Tanzania. Thanks to the generous efforts of Crickhowell Rotary Club who donated £800, fund-raising has got off to a great start.
There are about 450 of you who receive this newsletter, so if everyone donates £10 (the price of a decent Easter Egg) we would be able to send the container within the month – we need another £4,500.
The staff are desperately waiting for more tools in our Mwanza  workshop, and there’s also the 100-odd groups who have been waiting for up to a year for their tool kits and sewing machines.
We don’t expect a donation from those of you who regularly contribute to our funds or those who have recently made a donation, so if some of you want to give us two Easter Eggs – we won’t complain.  You can do this easily on our web site, or by sending us a cheque – we don’t mind, any help is very gratefully received.  Our address is at the bottom.

Our Open Day put off for warmer days . . .

We have decided to postpone our OPEN DAY until the weather warms up a  bit.  However keen you might be, it won’t be much fun on the lawn outside the workshop with frost on the ground.  We will wait for one of those wonderful sunny days – will let you know when.

A success Story – Mlango Mmoja Tinsmiths from Nyasho in Mara Region
Mlango Mmoja tinsmith group was established in 1996 by 2 founder members and since then it has expanded to 17 members.  Originally the group was just making repairs for domestic utensils, but now it makes different equipment such as animal feed utensils, different types of domestic stoves, lamps and energy saving stoves.
The group has received different working tools from the TFSR Cymru Mwanza workshop through the SIDO Regional Office. They appreciated very much the tools they got which simplified their work.  The group still lacks some important tools which will help them to work in a more affordable situation such as sheet metal saw, engineer’s vice (medium), a big blow lamp, rivet gun, panel beating hammer and a tinman’s hammer.

One group member producing domestic utensils like bucket, kerosene stove, kerosene funnels and 2 litres kerosene measuring instrument.  All members of the group have benefited from the TFSR Cymru programme because by now they have managed to build better houses and they can afford to pay school fees for their families.
Thanks to Charles Iganja from Mara Region for this news . . .

We have signed up to Givingabit which allows you to make a donation to TFSR Cymru every time you buy something online.  Just make sure you are signed in to to create a donation on every purchase.

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