“Keep them Singers Singing” is the name of our new project in Tanzania, funded by the Welsh Government’s Wales in Africa Grant Scheme, administered by WCVA.
The project is summed up by this picture of trainees from Singu Tailors in Kiabakari, who share this old Singer machine, and together use it for over 8 hours every day.
The project will train local “fundis” or expert mechanics to help tailors to maintain the machines we have sent in the past, as well as 150 machines to be sent later this year. The fundis will repair broken and worn out machines which do suffer from the dusty conditions in this part of Tanzania.

This project means that we urgently need more volunteers in our sewing machine workshop in Abergavenny. We will be sending 150 machines to Tanzania soon, the container will be leaving very early November.

Come along and help us – KEEP THEM SINGERS SINGING!