Amani Tailors

The Amani Tailors had received one treadle and 4 hand machines from Wales in 2008,  and they had put 2 hand machines into treadle bases. The group consisted of 14 members of whom 9 were trainees, working from two workshops.    The group leader Mercy Haule is very keen to provide training to younger girls and also to help those who were less fortunate, so the group also has six disabled members.  Trainees stay for one year and then return to their villages, so there will be a need for more machines in this area.

Their main workshop is tiny,  squeezed between a cobblers shop and a general store, but they manage to fit in six table sewing machines, and there is space for ironing in the back room.   They are well organised and have plenty of customers for dresses, shirts and school uniforms.   The group are looking forward to receiving more machines from TFSR Cymru later this year.