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Sad news

It is with great sadness that we have to announce that one of our Patrons, Dr. William Shija has died in London yesterday at the age of 67. He is survived by his wife and five children. He was a loyal supporter of TFSR Cymru. We send our condolences to his family. William Shija   [...]

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Late August News

Container No 9 Arrives in Mwanza The good news is that our container arrived in Dar es Salaam in the first week of August.  It reached Tanga the week after and was swiftly unloaded - that's 55 sewing machines and 11 tool kits with Dickson on the right. Blue means kits for Tanga - Pink [...]

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Tools Wanted

We have been very successful at collecting tools recently - they have been pouring in and we are running out of storage space. So in the short term, we are unable to take larger items such as computers, treadle sewing machines and items of equipment such as lathes or saw benches etc.  Also we only [...]

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June News

Welcome to our June NEWSLETTER Container No 9 away to Mwanza Phil poses in the now traditional manner - 15.1 tonnes of tools with one hand! We wanted to paint the container before sending it, but to save time we are asking SIDO to paint it when it arrives.  It left last Thursday after a [...]

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Happy volunteers in the workshop

Scott, Andrew and Lynette packing our last carpentry kit for Tanga today.  Now the boxes have to be painted Tanga Blue . . .  they are colour coded to make unloading easier.  Singida kits are pink . . .

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Buddy, can you spare a dime?

Do you have any unwanted old coins lurking in a drawer? If you do then the charity Tools For Self Reliance Cymru would love you to bring them to an event where we have a stall, or to our Crickhowell workshop! Everything from half-pences, Francs or even the odd Euro would be gratefully received. Why? [...]

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Grant Success

We have been awarded a grant of £2,500 by the Millenium Stadium Charitable Trust, for recruiting more volunteers for our workshop and any management and training costs this will entail.  Thank you MSCT . . . Millennium Stadium Charitable Trust Grant 2014

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Extended Open Hours for Tool Sales

We are pleased to announce our new OPEN HOURS Now open from Tuesday to Friday for tool refurbishing and TOOL SALES.  This is thanks to our recent grant from Santander. Our stocks are high at present - loads of tools as well as billhooks . . . See our New Open Hours   .   [...]

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Hakizetu Young Women and Girls’ Rights Organization, Mwanza

Hakizetu, once again would like to express her sincere thanks to TFSR Cymru for the six sewing machines that were provided to Haizetu women’s Rights Organization, that enabled Haizetu to start her campaign of economic empowering women who are survivors of violence against women through providing entrepreneurship skills of tailoring training. Hakizetu highly appreciates the [...]

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Christmas Gifts in Kind - to help the people of Tanzania You can now buy a range of Gifts in Kind direct from our web site or from our Crickhowell shop. Prices range from £10 upwards.    We will send you a beautifully printed card for you to add your message, together with the details of [...]

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November News

  We are delighted to announce that we have been awarded a grant of £10,000 from Sa