Fair Trade Tools Project

We are buying a range of tools from some of  the blacksmiths we have previously supported.

The aims of this project are: to raise the profile in Wales and the capacity of the Blacksmiths in Tanzania, to raise the income and standards of living of the selected blacksmiths groups and their families, to raise the standards of production and marketing of the blacksmiths groups, to secure a regular supply of Greenwood tools for TFSR Cymru to sell in Wales, and to educate the people of Wales about the lives and problems of rural TZ artisans.

Thirteen groups have been selected from three areas: around Shinyanga, Geita and Bukoba towns.  The range of DSC_3797tools made for us in the past has been increased to include different  types of wood carving adze, hand forks and trowels, side axes, root lifters, goat bells and leather sheaths for draw knives, adzes and billhooks – & new crook knives.

Among the other benefits of the project are the improved skills and the quality of the blacksmiths’ products, the good price paid for the tools, plus a bonus to benefit the group and their dependents, a new web site for us with an online shop to sell the tools, and a far greater range of tools available for green woodworkers and community woodland groups in Wales.

Our Fair Trade Tools Project is supported by the Welsh  Government.

So far we have been unable to register our tools as Fairtrade as there is no category for tools.  We do not comply with BAFTS (the British Association of Fair Trade Shops) as they require 70% of a member’s income to come for Fair Trade and the bulk of our income comes from selling donated tools.

But we do comply with the World Fair Trade Organisation’s  “Ten principles of Fair Trade”  so we believe they are truly Fair Trade.